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How to Care a Paint Brush

As a professional paint brush dealer, you may need to have an in-depth knowledge of the brush, so that you can make sample and complete replies to the customers'questions.

''Shanghai Beaux-Arts will share with you some keypoints about the care and the cleaning method of paint brushes. Please feel free to extract any part of the information to print on the back of your packaging, which will provide your customers with a better user experience."

  • Always wash your brushes before the first use.
  • Always clean your brushes immediately.
  • Never leave brushes sacking in water for a long time. 
  • Never stand the brushes on their heads.

Remember to reshape and dry after cleaning,Make sure the hair of the paint brush keep the original shape for the next use.

If it is a high-quality professional paint brush, it is recommended to apply some care cream onto the hair of the brush for protection after washing the brush.


The watercolor paint brush is very fragile and should be cleaned with luewarm water and mild soap.

 Oil Paint

Should not be cleaned with detergent or paint remover, or it will damage its hair.


Should be cleaned in time, as after the paint gets dry it forms a layer of film on the hair and will become stiffened to stick on the hair over time, which will make it very difficult to clean and may damage the hair.

We ask a professional artist to how to care oil paint brush. So we make a video let customers to easy to understand.