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How is The Handle of Artist Brush Painted?

" The paint effect of the handle of an artist brush directly affects user experience. Customers make the purchase decision of artist brushes of a certain brand based on perception and feeling. We from the artist brush factory technical point of view conduct an analysis for foreign importer and distributor, to help you avoid inappropriate choices when buying artist brushes. "

For professional product series, the wooden handle must be capped before painting. So that even if the artist brush is soaked in the wash for 48 hours, the paint on the handle will not crack.

Whether a primer can completely cover the wood grain is essential, whether the handle painting color is bright light depends largely on whether the primer completely overwrites the wood texture, so that the paint can better cover the wood surface showing perfect color. Usually the primer needs to be painted 2-3 times.

Color paint aims to present beauty. Color paint can cover the whole artist brush or make Ring or Tip two-colored effect. Color paint usually needs to be painted 1-3 times depending on product grade. 

Ultraviolet Curing Paint is a layer of transparent light paint. 

It is very hard to prevent artist brush from wearing. UV paint is the soul of the entire brush handle paint, making it dazzling.


Color customization

You can choose your color as you like on the handle from PANTONE  color card.

Quality Guarantee

Beaux-Arts' professional artist brush can be ensured that the paint surface has no cracks during 48 hours in water. 

So creating a high-end artist brush takes 8 times of painting. Of course the effect of paint cannot be detached from the cost factor. Wholesaler can require suppliers to provide proportionate effect based on their own product positioning. 

I hope that the above description of handle painting can provide some help for your choice when buying artist brushes.

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