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Criteria to Identify the Quality Acrylic Paint


For poor-quality paint, you may easily find out that the water and toner are not mixed. It is a little matt after drying out. To identify whether the hue of the paint is pure or not, you can try coating the paint on both white and black papers for comparison. And you can also judge its quality by weighting.


Smelling is a good way to preliminarily judge whether the material is qualified or not. 

If the paint has a pungent odor, the solvent may be unqualifiedGood acrylic paints always are not pungent.

3. USE

Painting on the glass or plastic

After the paint drying out, if it can be washed away easily, the paint is not a good one. The propylene which cannot be washed away easily is the best.

Storage condition: 

Generally, it can be kept in the temperature as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius and as high as 45 degrees Celsius. 

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