Artist Brushes

  • New Products
    New Products

    Here is our the newest develop products. If you love catching fasion forefont, you should come to this part. May be you will find your want to products.

  • Professional Brushes
    Professional Brushes

    Top professional artist brush with strictly quality control and exclusive design, they are extremely durable and designed for high performace. An excellent use experience will be provided to you.

  • Professional Value Pack
    Professional Value Pack

    Nationality Series Professional Artist Brushes Value Pack is designed for the different country specially. Welcome to contact us, we'd like to design the brushes of any symbols for every country for you!

  • Education Brushes
    Education Brushes

    The brushes for all the painting-level users with the competitive price and the moderate quality. Come and find us, you will find the hottest sales brushes in your market!

  • Education Value Pack
    Education Value Pack

    The value pack series are all in good design clear OPP bag. It shows amazing appearance design and it will perfect for watercolor/acrylic/tempera media using.

  • Comfortable Touch Brushes
    Comfortable Touch Brushes

    Comfortable touch brush designed with an ergonomic easy grip and soft comfortable touch wooden handle. The synthetic fiber repels built up paint in the ferrule and ensures strength and flexibility are maintained.Use this brush where a sharp edge effect is required. Excllent for acrylic painting.

  • Education Comfortable Touch Brush
    Education Comfortable Touch Brush

    Educational Comfortable Touch Series is designed for 6-18 aged youth. They are attractive and top-related products with exclusive design. It brings fun to Youth drawing. Enjoy it!

  • Kids & Craft Brushes
    Kids & Craft Brushes

    Kids Brushes are featured by beautiful appearance, attracting children very well.

  • Miniature Brushes
    Miniature Brushes

    The best brush kit for the flawless execution of fine details! Miniature brush keep their fine tips and good resilience to detail painting.

  • Foam Brushes
  • Stencil Brushes
  • Decoupage Brushes
  • Silicone Brushes
    Silicone Brushes

    Silicone brushes are a unique tool made of silicone. The tip will not absorb any material, and so is great for applying, removing, scraping and moving color. Used alone or together with your existing tools, Colour Shapers will give you the opportunity to develop new and exciting effects. Create effects that are not possible with brushes alone. Use with watercolors(apply masking fluid), acrylics, oils, and pastels. Then simply wipe the tip clean - no need for solvents!

  • Travel Brushes
    Travel Brushes

    Nice little brush for travel sketching. The length is just suitable for putting together and compact when closed. The regular hair is synthetic and sable, soft and silky hair have great control and wonderful color-holding ability.The connecting of ferrule and handle can be changed to different colors.

  • Black Smoky Brushes Value Pack
    Black Smoky Brushes Value Pack

    Black Smoky Brushes Value Pack designed for customer who would like to choose inexpensive brush set. Suit for: Face body and Nail Paint/ Acrylic/ Watercolor/ Gouache/ Tempera.

  • Cat Hair Brushes
  • Flat Brushes
  • Hog Bristle Brushes
  • Synthetic Brushes
  • Sable Hair Brushes
  • Badger Hair Brushes
  • Squirrel Hair Brushes
  • Brush for Food
  • Brush for Dentist
  • Brush for Glue